Serious and Organised Crime

A digital challenge

Serious and Organised Crime

A financial trail

Serious and Organised Crime

Many people suffer badly

Serious and Organised Crime

Drugs, cash, people, cyber - The challenges faced

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SOCEXA series of focused conferences bringing together senior investigators from across the UK and beyond to examine the changing nature of serious crime, the impact of cybercrime on investigations and the detection of child exploitation.

Each conference provides opportunities to share intelligence and to discuss and exchange ideas and findings on best practices relating to the detection and prosecution of serious crimes.

The target attendees are senior members of the police forces in the UK, HMRC, DWP, Trading Standards and other regulatory and enforcement authorities.

   Founding Partner

Altia Solutions Ltd.

The Altia-ABM Group help Law Enforcement Agencies to work smarter, together.

They are specialists in covert and intelligence management systems and help their customers save time, resources and money by ensuring their investigation management process is smarter, simpler and more robust. The group’s products allow Law Enforcement Agencies to tackle crime on a local, regional, national and international basis by making Information secure and shareable.

Altia-ABM has grown rapidly in the past three years, with increasing emphasis on its international operations. Group turnover increased by more than 600% from 2014 to 2017. The firm has a significant customer base in Australia, and has customers in South America, South Africa, the US and Hong Kong. Its Canada office opened in Toronto in February 2017. Altia-ABM has also trained national anti-corruption teams in Panama, Peru and Colombia, in partnership with UK government agencies. There’s further international expansion planned in the near future.

Helping crime investigators with robust and effective systems is at the heart of what they do. It’s backed by a dedicated training unit, knowledgeable support staff, and an approach that promotes user feedback as the main driver of product improvements.

Fraud and Financial Crime Conference 2018

22 Nov -23 Nov 2018
The Midland Hotel, Manchester
22 Nov 2018
Fraud and Financial Crime Conference 2018
The Midland Hotel, Manchester
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31 Jul
Financial Crime Conference 2017 - Topics for discussion

The Conference organising committee recently met to articulate the key themes and topics for this year's conference. Further details, including the speakers will be available in the coming weeks.

27 Jul
Short video summarises success of SOCEX 2017 Conference

A number of speakers were asked their opinion of the topics under discussion at SOCEX 2017

25 Jan
SOCEX priorities for the Bank of England

A brief look at some of the work the Bank of England is conducting to support the investigation of Serious and Organised Crime