This SOCEX series is based upon the solid foundation of five annual National Serious and Organised Crime Conferences. Each of these Conferences were over subscribed and attended by high level strategic professionals from Law Enforcement Agencies from across the UK, Europe and America.

The Home Office and it's Ministers has been a big supporter of the conferences, and continue to state that Serious and Organised Crime is a national priority.

These sponsor friendly events offer two day conferences which are usually set in a relatively remote location, with no distractions and ideally under one roof (numbers permitting) whilst still ensuring the delegates are focussed on the event. This allows for meaningful networking opportunities for both delegates and sponsors alike. The events are carefully managed with regular coffee breaks and open lunches which encourage interaction between all parties, both during the event and during meals. Sponsors are encouraged to mix with delegates, they have full access to the conference rooms during presentations, and included in some sponsor packages is access to the gala dinner which is attended by over 90% of delegates where a more relaxed environment is available.

The thematic conferences concentrate in focus in more granular detail on specific policing skills and tactics that fall within the relevant policing area; these events are run and managed by the National Policing Leads for those areas of business. These themed events are attended by practitioners as well as strategic managers and focus their two days on the topical, critical areas that are relevant to law enforcement at that given time. Currently we have two conferences being planned, the Economic Crime Conference in November 2019 and the Strategic Confrerence in May 2020. As new conferences are announced we will update the website accordingly. The events will be located around Britain, based around the major arterial routes of the country, to best serve the thematic event’s needs, and requirements.

SOCEX’s high quality and professional presentations from law enforcement, partner agencies, the Home Office, third sector, subject matter experts and a wide range of academia provide the delegates with a different perspective, options and opportunities to be able to improve their performance and service delivery. Also available in certain sponsor packages is the option for a sponsor themed presentation to the main delegate room.

UK Policing is in the most dynamic, transformational environment in living memory, criminals and crime types are evolving at an unprecedented rate. Current solutions are struggling to keep pace with 21st century tactics, and for the first time, law enforcement professionals fully appreciate that commercial partners hold the key to many of our pressing problems, and also we also understand that these partners can provide systems that have the ability to talk to each other to allow total cross cutting solutions to support the criminal justice process.

Opportunities to present and display potential solutions to decision makers within Law Enforcement are increasingly rare, and we believe that this is a unique opportunity to become a partner with the only National Police Chief’s Council Serious and Organised Crime event in the country.