Strategic SOCEX 2018

15 May -16 May 2018 Wokefield Estate, Goodboys Lane, Mortimer Common, Reading RG7 3AE

Thank you

Chief Constable Andy Cooke QPM

“Thank you for making the conference this year a thought provoking and successful event.  I have written to all the speakers to thank them and ask their willingness to share their presentations. 

Once I have this information I will ensure you are informed how to access them.  I have also asked that the theme of any outstanding questions are explored and answered via this site. 

I look forward to next year’s conference and if you have any suggestions about how we may improve the event or subject matter that you would like to be covered, please do not hesitate to contact my staff officer, Paul Richardson,


Andrew Cooke QPM

NPCC SOC Programme Lead”


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