Strategic SOCEX 2019

22 May -23 May 2019 Chesford Grange, Kenilworth, Warwick CV8 2LD


Chief Constable Andy Cooke QPMWelcome to SOCEX 2019, a key event in the development of our approach to the delivery of the 2018 Serious & Organised Crime Strategy. 

There are many and varied clichés about the scale and impact of serious and organised crime.  What we all know, is that it is multi-faceted, multi-generational and is a truly wicked problem impacting in all of our local communities in one form or another.  It is often the innovation of the criminal that limits the threat and with ever increasing advancements in technology within society so the opportunities to commit crime are similarly enhanced, with the criminals achieving higher profit margins by exploiting the vulnerable either through direct victimisation or utilisation in the commission of a crime.  The advancement of technology is also evident in other areas such as the malicious use of drones that was so recently highlighted with the events at Gatwick.

The aim of this year’s conference is to look at an evidenced based approach to tackling the threat from serious and organised crime.  We will rightly focus on the launch of the new serious and organised strategy, how we intend to develop our approach to delivery across law enforcement and an honest assessment of how much progress we feel we are making.  The conference will also explore the relationship of the SOC strategy with other central government strategies such as senior violence, with ‘County Lines’ being a significant threat across the Country. 

I am taking a slightly different approach to the conference this year in order to broaden the experience and hopefully exposure to good operational practice and wider academic research.  After a keynote address from an international perspective day two will consist of a number of elective workshops, of which you will have the choice of four from a possible eight sessions.

I hope you can come along and enjoy the conference but also treat it as an opportunity to reflect and discuss, so that you go away with a focussed intention to maximise the contribution of your agency towards tackling the threat from serious and organised crime.

Thank you

Andy Cooke QPM

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