Strategic SOCEX 2020

12 May -13 May 2020 Wokefield Estate, near Reading

Conference App

We look forward to welcoming you to the SOCEX Strategic Crime Conference 2020. 

Please find the link to download the Event App, providing you with helpful information, meeting agenda and links you will need to make the event run smoothly.

Once you have installed your App, you will have access to the Event Information and all details

The app:

  • makes up to date changes to the programme readily available
  • allows you to ask questions of the speakers during their sessions and vote up or down what others have asked
  • allows you to find out more about the speakers at the event, including their profiles, session descriptions, thought pieces written by the speakers
  • find out more about the SOCEX partners who have kindly supported this conference

In addition to:

  • allows you to keep track of the sessions you are attending;
  • provides maps of how to get to the conference
  • provides maps of how to get about the conference and where sessions are being held.


We will provide a link to download the app in the coming weeks





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