Strategic SOCEX 2020

12 May -13 May 2020 Wokefield Estate, near Reading


SOCEX Strategic Conference 2020
Improving the digital challenges within SOC from Local to National

Chief Constable Peter Goodman QPM

It is my pleasure to invite you to the 2020 Serious and Organised Crime Conference, SOCEX which, this year, will return to the Wokefield Estate, near Reading. This will be my first conference, having taken over as NPCC lead for Serious and Organised Crime in June 2019.

SOC affects more UK citizens, more often, than any other national security threat. It has a devastating daily impact on individuals, public services, businesses, institutions, national reputation and infrastructure. It is estimated to cost the UK economy in excess of £37 billion per year; increasing year on year. It is highly likely that this is a significant underestimate, particularly in relation to areas such as fraud.


The theme for this year’s conference will focus on the delivery of SOC from local to National level.  It will highlight the need for us to stay ahead of the challenges we face when tackling the digital and technical elements of organised crime.  Some relate to the complexity of accessing digital data, for example, due to encryption, whilst others relate to quantum - the physical amount of data that we can or should be accessing. Policing must consider its future operating position towards SOC to ensure it develops the right skill set, technology and standards to access, secure, share and exploit data across the policing landscape.

Following feedback from last year’s conference, I intend to exhibit case studies from around the country which can really help you, as the practitioners, in tackling SOC from ground level upwards

I hope you will take the opportunity to attend the conference, the aim of which being to enable positive change in our approach to the fight against SOC.

I would ask that in the first instance you confirm your attendance by contacting the event organiser, Martin Jack, Think Different Events Ltd.


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