Financial Crime Conference 2017 - Topics for discussion

The Conference organising committee recently met to articulate the key themes and topics for this year's conference. Further details, including the speakers will be available in the coming weeks.

The following sessions are likely to be expolored in much more detail at the conference across the two day event. Further details will be published as part of the Conference Agenda when they become available, including the timetable for each and speaker profiles.

  • Europol
  • Social media
  • Crown Court Judge
  • Intel ie Experian/Equifax
  • Prison Intel
  • Home Office re Criminal Finances Act 2017
  • Immigration
  • Proceeds Of Crime Act
  • Trading standards (Scambusters),
  • Digital currency/cyber
  • Anti-corruption and beneficial ownership
  • CPS part 5 POCA
  • Correspondence banking Paypal/MLRO, ML regulations,
  • On line betting
  • Land registry
  • Pensions regulator
  • UK Financial Intelligence Unit