Lynne Owens - SOC, Continuing to Grow in Complexity and Challenge

Lynne Owens - Managing Director Thought Piece from the SOCEX Economic Crime Conference.

Working with partners we have achieved some outstanding results against serious and organised crime (SOC) in recent years – but we are not complacent. There is more to do to protect the public from the effects of SOC, which continues to grow in complexity and challenge.

Criminals are becoming more innovative, using rapidly advancing technology and they are often geographically removed from their victims. As just one example, the dark web has emerged as an enabler of threats which are overlapping as never before. We are also proposing new capabilities we can build which are essential to improve a whole system approach.

We need to think differently and work together to move from tackling the symptoms of serious and organised crime, to dismantling the underlying system.

 Developing a single and accurate intelligence picture of the changing threats will support these efforts. We will lead the response – one which sees the right capabilities delivered at the right level – local, regional or national, and one where capabilities can be deployed against different threats, rather than against a single threat in isolation.

 Many SOC threats are financially motivated and as such we must collectively focus efforts to respond to illicit finance.

 We are committed to ensuring that the public, law enforcement and National Security Council continue to recognise the changing nature and scale of the threat.

 Tackling the breadth of SOC is beyond the capacity and capabilities of any one body. Agencies can no longer act in isolation to protect the public and nor can any one agency hold all the tools required for a comprehensive response.

 LThere is no doubt that we can only protect citizens of the UK if we continue to rise to these new and changing challenges together.