Economic Crime Conference 2019

26 Nov -27 Nov 2019 The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon

We Fight Fraud: All About the Human Factor

Computers don't commit crime - people do.
Through the eyes of a criminal, Tony shows the audience what at first they do not see.
Tony takes the audience on a journey of what it really takes to commit fraud and how to prevent against it nowadays.
Tony and We Fight Fraud have ‘penetration tested’ some of the world’s leading brands. The work that they carry out is not just theory.
On a previous ‘pen test’ they stole 780,000 pieces of data in 3 hours - it would have cost that company £500k in 2nd class stamps just to say sorry to all the victims.
Not all hacks are digital!


Tony Sales, Director of Strategy, We Fight Fraud

Tony Sales

Director of Strategy, We Fight Fraud

Tony Sales is probably the only man in the world to have worked at both the summit of organised crime and the pinnacle of crime prevention. Dubbed “Britain’s Greatest Fraudster” by Rupert Murdoch, Tony now regularly appears on television as one of the world’s top fraud prevention experts. His unique skill set is intrinsically valuable in building defences against the rising tide of data crime. 

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Andy McDonald, Senior Adviser, We Fight Fraud

Andy McDonald

Senior Adviser, We Fight Fraud

Andy McDonald served over 30 years with the Metropolitan Police Service, of which 20 years were with specialist covert and overt operations within counter-terrorist or organized crime teams at New Scotland Yard. He retired in January 2017 as head of specialist investigations and of the U.K. National Terrorist Financial Investigation Unit (NTFIU) within SO15 Counter Terrorism Command, New Scotland Yard. In this role, he had strategic and tactical oversight of all financial investigation and crime disruption investigations to identify, arrest and charge or disrupt terrorist offenders and their criminal associates.

In a previous role as head of the London Metropolitan Police Fraud Squad, he was responsible for designing their current operating model for fraud and cybercrime and assisted in its implementation.

He has developed this work from a different perspective with We Fight Fraud; striving to better understand threat environments and prevent individuals and firms from becoming victims of financial crime.

Since his police retirement in January 2017, Andy was briefly a civil servant as compliance officer for the U.K. Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority; but he has primarily focussed his efforts on working with a range of clients, delivering bespoke and accredited training or advisory services; enabling them to better understand and mitigate risk.

Much of his work has significant crossover with his previous senior law enforcement roles in counter terrorism, organised crime and illicit finance. A significant difference has been the option of finally having some spare time, to explore opportunities to work with some different, perhaps less traditional individuals and firms. He’s going to briefly discuss how this approach has challenged his thinking and approach to financial crime.

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